Ticklish Agonies

Publicado en: 18 de julio de 2010 por TicklingParadise
See five beautiful girls all tickled teased to their limits! Tika in nylons in the dungeon in stocks; Negar in the "Doll House" with upper body tickling at its finest; Heather gets her bare feet attacked with a feather while in stocks; Alex is captured and tickle teased by an alien; and Indian maiden Rosana is tickled in ropes! Bree comes in to find Tika wearing her last pair of nylons. Tika says she'll do anything to make it up to her. Little does she know that Bree has a dungeon in her basement...the same one that her father used to tickle her in. Tika is in the stocks with her arms secured overhead and can't escape. Now, no matter what Tika says, Bree doesn't believe her. Out comes the electric toothbrush which just about drives Tika over the edge when she uses it on her sensitive soles. When Tika begs for Bree to stop tickling her feet, Bree responds by moving up to tickle Tika's armpits! Great close-ups of Tika's nylon covered feet. Watch as Bree plays "this little piggy" on Tika's toes and ends up back on her armpits. Tika can hardly catch her breath, and still her agony continues and continues.... Amazing!! See Negar in the all new "Doll House" made especially for armpit tickling...up close and personal! She is on the floor with her arms overhead in a box with cut-outs exposing her sweet and oh-so-sensitive armpits. Someone is using a feather to drive her crazy, and then wicked wild fingers work her over. She never knows what is coming and she never knows when it's coming...but she has to try to catch her breath whenever she can. If you like to see a beautiful, unbelievably ticklish girl at the mercy of a mysterious tickler, completely under his control and in total agony, you will LOVE this scene! It's no wonder that Negar has become one of your all-time favorites!! You first saw Heather trying to sing while being tickled in "Ticklish Teases"...now see her in a box with only her feet and head showing. Her bare feet are attacked with a vengeance with feathers. Watch while her feet shake and quiver as her toes curl up and her soles wrinkle. She has unbelievably responsive feet, and we have some great close-ups of them! She can't see when the feather is coming her way, and what a reaction each time it touches her feet anywhere! She has a great laugh and she can barely stand to be tickled, but we gave her a session she will never forget...EVER!! Alex awakes to find herself in a spaceship in stocks at the mercy of an alien who is fascinated by her ticklish response to his every touch. He needs to explore more to see why she laughs and squirms every time she is touched. "That tickles," she says, and he wants to know why...and where else she might be ticklish. After exploring with his fingers, he pulls out an electric toothbrush to see how she reacts to that on her sensitive soles. Then he has to explore her armpits, both with his fingers and then with the electric toothbrush, and just about drives her crazy with laughter. He tells her to keep her arm up, but when he attacks her sides, she just can't do it. Do you think this makes the alien want to stop? Oh no, this just makes him want to study her more...and more...and more!! Rosana is a lovely Indian maiden who is lost in the desert after her horse ran away. A very friendly cowboy comes along and is willing to help her, but first he wants something in return. She soon finds herself tied with ropes, her feet in the air. He starts with a feather, but she wants him to stop. She can't speak English, so he has trouble understanding her...or does he? He just wants his way with her size 10 sensitive soles and he gets what he wants. He puts down the feather to use his fast moving fingers as he works over her arches, heels and every toe, making this Indian maiden crazy with laughter...and laugh she does! She wants out, but he has no intention of letting her go. She's way too ticklish, and he's enjoying it way too much (and so will you)!

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