Ticklish Justice

Publicado en: 30 de junio de 2010 por TicklingParadise
We are proud to present four new, beautiful and insanely ticklish models as they are brought before Judge Renee! Beth is a Caribbean cutie who is unbelievably ticklish, even through socks! You won't want to miss this new super ticklish model who can't stand to have her toes tickled! She has beautiful feet, and Renee just loves tickle teasing them!! We are proud to introduce Negar, a true Persian beauty. Negar has the sweetest laugh and is beautiful to watch as she laughs until she can hardly breathe! One of the most ticklish and beautiful models we have ever seen.... Meet Alexandra, a Latina lovely with super sensitive soles at the mercy of Judge Renee! She wants the tickling to stop as soon as it starts, but Renee has no plans to stop! She is a real beauty and is VERY ticklish! You will love her! Rose, the leader, might be tough in the courtroom, but she is one of the most ticklish girls we have ever seen! Renee finds her weakness and tickles her crazy! Rose is totally rebellious, but has an explosive laugh and reaction to being tickled! Renee promises to stop the tease if Rose can just get out one sentence...but she just can't seem to do it because she is laughing so hard!! Finally, the ticklees' revenge ends in a gang-tickling of Judge Renee! There is no body part that goes untouched as they attack her armpits, ribs, knees and feet. Poor Renee...now she has to suffer even more than she made those girls suffer, and three relentless ticklers are all over her. You know how ticklish Renee is...and this is one of her best scenes ever!!

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Renee, Negar

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Alexandra, Renee

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