Tied, Tickled & Teased

Publicado en: 26 de agosto de 2008 por California Star Productions
Brigette has returned from an extensive stay at an art school in France. Her friend Molly is delighted to see her after all these years, and the soon recant their former friendship together. They both had tied each other up and played tickling games. It is now time to refresh their memories. Molly ties up Brigette and begins to tickle and torment her. When the ties are turned Brigette remembers that Moll's feet are exceptionally ticklish and begins to tickle them! She also remembers some highly sensitive spots and proceeds to heat things up a bit by removing some of Molly's clothing and administering some tighter bonds. Back and forth they go, each reaching a higher point of pleasure as each level is found. Molly finally gives up and breathlessly says she will treat Brigette to a well deserved dinner. Of that they can both agree.

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