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Dreams are a wonderful thing. Dreams are a wonderful thing with no borders. Dreams are a wonderful thing with no borders and when a beautiful young girl dreams, her mind creates a fabulous world full of turning points, surprises change for predictable situations, exciting and thrilling stories are becoming true. Who wouldn't like to have a look into a young girl's mind? How many times have we dreamt about that we maybe know, what's on her mind, which ways do her thoughts take.... Or maybe we have incarnated into her body and now we're living her own imaginations.... And from the dreams, there's just a little step to an idea to transform those imagination to a movie... And Lupus Pictures has made such film for you. With a perfect main character you can become a part of three dream worlds. Each of them is different and each of them will adress someone else. Beside the one main character, all three Trinitas 2 stories have something else in common. This can be described by one sentence: What do young girls dream about? And not to blindly buy something you haven't tasted, we want to offer you three short tastings. Another short movie in a new production series Lupus Dreams: three kinky dreams of one girl: and in this one, we have a good girl disciplined by her strict uncle in a story called "Uncle". From the point of Lupus Pictures production, this project could be marked as unique - though having all the popular attributes. What things might the girl experience? So don't hesitate and join us on a way to the world of colourful vivid dreams, girl's moods and desire...

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