Volume KP 41 - Double Teaming Kitten

Publicado en: 27 de diciembre de 2006 por Kandi Peach Productions
Volume KP 41 "Double Teaming Kitten" Kitten releases another video! My gosh is there any thing hotter than a girl taking a cock in each hole? Yes there is, a girl doing it for the first time and loving it! Kitten usually never does anal, let alone double penetration but she let Sinclair and Nick fuck all of her hot holes over and over again! Kitten is such a petite and pretty lady and I am sure you will love watching her give up her anal cherry to both these guys on the same night! After they took turns wearing her ass out they both sprayed her with their cum. Then Nick laid down with Kitten for a little mutual masturbation and dumped another load on her tits while Kitten played with herself until she came again! These video grabs are only a sample of the hot, sensuous and sexy Kitten!

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