Whiplash 2

Publicado en: 20 de junio de 2007 por ZFX Productions
Two beautiful sisters find themselves the gagged, restrained patients of the Cracker clinic, a rehab center where young beauties are held in captivity, while their insurance companies are bilked for big money. After an on the job car accident, pretty Jody Goth is sent to the Cracker clinic to get rehab for her sore neck which she injured in the accident. She needs to get an exam to file for her workman's comp. What she gets instead is groped, bound, gagged and beaten by the fiendish Dr. Nuegent, the newest addition to the clinic's demented staff. While Jody is inside the clinic suffering countless indignities at the hands of Dr. Nuegent, which include a digital exam, forceps clamped on her large, tender nipples and several foreign objects shoved down her throat to check the "strength of her jaws", her beautiful sister Vanessa is waiting impatiently in the car for her. But what was taking so long? Finally Vanessa goes in to investigate, only to find her nubile sister tightly tied and ballgagged on the exam table, her legs spread wide as the good Dr. Nuegent feverishly "examines" the terrified girl. Unfortunately, before Vanessa can flee, she's jumped by Dr. Craker, the evil founder, patriarch and chief insurance defrauder, and brought kicking and screaming in for an exam of her own. Now with the two girls stripped and securely restrained the fun could really begin. While Jody is hung upside down for a little extra "traction," pretty Vanessa is administered some very serious shock therapy, while her writhing sister looks on in horror. Dr. Nuegent assures her not to worry, she'll be next! Red hot newcomer Pamela Price starts in this extremely bizarre continuation of the Whiplash sage. This is super intense bondage actions only ZFX can bring it to you! Don't miss it!

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