Witch Initiation

Publicado en: 23 de junio de 2010 por TicklingParadise
Did you ever wonder what it REALLY takes to become a witch? Now, for the first time you can see how they are initiated into the sisterhood. They must withstand the most ultimate in tickling tease!! See Mishell and Yosette from Agent #7, and we are proud to introduce Rosanna and Adrien! Watch as they are pushed to the absolute limit with upper body and barefoot attacks! Plus a bonus scene with Renee in the dungeon. An amazing video! **Adrien's Initiation** We are proud to introduce Adrien, a true beauty, who has dreamed of being a witch her whole life. Celeste, the head witch is not sure she has what it takes and has to put her through unbelievable tickle tease to see if she can take it. Adrien is secured to the X-Cross and told not to move no matter what. She is not to let go as Celeste runs a feather lightly over her exposed armpits. It is obvious from the beginning that Adrien will have trouble completing this assignment, but Adrien is determined to be a witch as the poking and prodding continues. Once Celeste puts down the feather and uses her fingernails, Adrien loses it completely! Celeste wants to bag this....but Adrien wants one more chance... **Rosanna's Initiation** We are proud to introduce Rosanna. You saw her first in AGENT #7 as the female interrogator. Now you will see her as an incredible tickler! Yosette is the Witch Initiator, but poor Rosanna is wild with laughter and can't seem to hold on as she is told. She asks for chance after chance, and Yosette is getting very frustrated with her and her hysterical laughter as Yosette works her upper body over and over just to make sure she has what it takes to be a good witch. Yosette then moves down to Rosanna's bare feet and tickles them one at a time as Rosanna tries to hold on for dear life. Can she do it? **Yosette's Initiation** Next it's Yosette's turn and now Rosanna is the tickler and what a tickler she is!! Yosette is put on the X-cross and told to let go under no circumstances. If you saw Yosette in AGENT #7, you know how ticklish she is. As her upper body is attacked, she succumbs to the tease and can't take it. She wants to get out, but Rosanna tells her she is committed now and there is no way out....she must endure. Rosanna is a merciless tickler, and Yosette is obviously being teased beyond her limits. She begs and pleads for it to stop, but it does not. She is moved from the X-cross to the stocks, and the tease continues on Yosette's sensitive bare feet as the agony shows on her face. Rosanna will not stop as she secures Yosette's hands over her head and tickles her upper body again as the tease goes on and on... **Mishell's Initiation** Mishell doesn't want to be a witch, but it Rosanna's job to make it happen by training her to be still. Mishell is wildly ticklish and she is in agony from the first touch. Raised to be obedient, she tries to hang on as the test of endurance increases. Out of respect to her Grandmother who started the sisterhood, she tries to comply, but her cries of "I don't want to be a witch- continue, as Rosanna reminds her that she must carry on all the while attacking her super sensitive upper body with a feather that drives sweet little Mishell to the brink and still she continues the tease on Mishell's ticklish soles as she begs for it to stop...but it does not...amazing! **Renee in the Dungeon** We couldn't finish this video without putting our own Renee in the dungeon for a little tickle tease from the amazing fingers of Kamiano! Watch as she is blindfolded and secured in the stocks with her arms cuffed over her head....first with a feather on her beautiful sensitive soles and see as the feather is moved up to her upper body...then back to her bare feet. If you have ever seen Renee before, you know how ticklish she is...and her response is amazing! She might not be able to see what's coming....but she knows it's coming. An incredible scene to watch and anticipate....HOT, HOT HOT!

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