Young Pussies 1

Publicado en: 8 de junio de 2010 por Z-Faktor
As Martina wants to visit her friend in a neighboring house, they found her friend's father naked in his bed. Something they never thought to see; but still remains a jaw-dropping sight to see the horny old goat jerking his big, uncut cock. But Martina never passes up the chance to sit on a big dick! So she sucks and fucks this old man until he blows his load in her pretty face! Louise catches her friend flipping through a girly mag, and sees her chance to wrap her hungry lips around his meaty pole before she bounces up and down on it with her hairy cunt! Because Sandra's grades are bad and thus endangering her seems Sandra digs deep into her bag of tricks to persuade her teacher to change her grades! She takes the initiative to entice him by playing with her shaved twat until he practically begs her to suck and fuck him like the pro that she is!

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