Your Girlfriend Trinity... Caught In The Kitchen

Publicado en: 19 de agosto de 2006 por New York F*ck Factory
Your girlfriend Trinity gets up in the morning and enters the kitchen- dining room and after a morning greeting she begins to relay a hot and raunchy dream she had during the night. It involves a number of firemen and what they do to her. She describes in graphic detail what happened in the dream and as she elaborates on the dream she begins to play with herself, first her big titts then her pussy. She climbs on the dining table and the talk gets sluttier as she fantasizes about sturdy firemen dominating her clit and cunt and her ass with their big hard cocks. She produces a vibrator and proceeds to penetrate her ass while fingering her pussy all the time suggesting she likes to be fucked hard. She moans and squeals with ecstasy as she imagines sucking all there cocks and having them cum all over her face and body and finally comes to a shattering orgasm. Wow !

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